Red Threads For Redheads

While flicking through the latest Look magazine it came to my attention that red is apparently still ‘in’. Lots of influential women wearing it at Paris Fashion Week. This is good news for redheads everywhere. I’m poor and I only have one or two coats to choose from, one of which happens to be scarlet. Imagine my excitement when I read it was actually popular for Spring this year, huzzah!

My wardrobe is a collage of Autumn/Winter colours so any of these being used again for a new season is great. As I said before, the pastels of Spring/Summer don’t sit well with me. I think they look crap with my red hair and milky complexion and I’m much more comfortable in the darker shades of burnt oranges, wines and navys.

I bought my trusty red coat in Primark in Liverpool after I seen Karen Gillan (Amy Pond in Doctor Who) wearing a scarlet blazer and decided I must own a red jacket too. It set off her red locks perfectly and looked well with her pasty skin. I can relate. I love her style in general anyway and she seems to have a good grasp on what works with her hair and skin tone. Anything that works in favor for flame haired women goes down in my good books. Look at Jessica Rabbit in her red dress and ginger hair,iconic!

I’ve always loved the nautical trends that pop up in Spring. The navy,white and red designs always look neat and lovely. I nabbed a sailor dress from Topshop in a Swap Shop here in Dublin for 10 quid a while back. Bargain shopping at its best.

Anyway, thought I would alert the redheads of the world and tell you to get some red threads and don’t be afraid to wear reds with red hair or some oranges because they really do look well with our hair colour.


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